We have commenced business operations  in Nigeria – Marken

The clinical subsidiary of UPS Healthcare, Marken has opened its first business office in Nigeria and it is set to provide a best-in-class quality management system, clinical and commercial cell and gene supply chain solutions, a global GMP depot network, Direct-to/From-Patient, home healthcare nursing services, and industry-leading expertise in the country.

Marken with  presence in over 220 countries, added the Nigerian office to its growing chain of business operations at the weekend with a promise to  go beyond to connect patients with new medicines because when one truly goes beyond, change becomes natural.

The new Nigerian office is located in Isolo near International Airport Lagos.

Speaking on Marken ability to lead in the clinical logistics in the country, Africa Network Manager, Marken, Jean-Luc Tabiou said, “we are driven by our passion for patients, Marken’s unique position within the biopharma and life sciences industry is unparalleled. We remain at the forefront of logistics innovation, delivering novel scientific discoveries to patients across the globe. As one trusted partner, we bring your trial from clinical to commercial and beyond, with our unique ever-evolving supply chain solutions portfolio,” he added.

Tabiou, who spoke about the importance of the Nigerian market to its organisation stated that  Nigerian market is a very big market, by 2050, Africa will be the most populous in the world, but currently, Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa because where there is life there are people and where there are people there is need to for the people to receive the treatment. So, this market is very important because we can’t develop our footprint on the continent without considering Nigeria.

Highlighting the difference between medical and other logistics, Tabiou said, “Medical logistics is different from other forms of logistics because it involves taking care of the temperature of the products and duration of transportation of goods from one point to the other. Each sample has a duration of viability and we need to respect that.”

Corroborating the earlier comment on the importance of the Nigerian market,  Manager Director Bwosi Investments, (Marken partner), Rogers Bwosi said, “Nigeria is very important because Marken philosophy  and what they actually do is saving patients, bringing services closer to the patients and Nigeria has a very high population and they are incidences or requirements of services then Marken services become very important to Nigeria.

“Nigeria has the biggest economy in Africa and it is very important also for Marken to be represented in this economy therefore,  to serve the people of Nigeria.

Apart from opening its corporate office in Lagos, the firm also commissioned its state-of-the-art warehouse facility that has the capacity to handle any clinical research and experiment.

According to Bwosi,Marken has limitless light speed, which means that the organisation’s global network is beyond comparison with the best logistics cold chain network to deliver speed to market.

“Our patient-centric provision is peerless. Compassion and continuity of care from patient to protocol to optimize the patient experience.we a network with complete end-to-end visibility with one trusted partner throughout the trial and beyond,” he said.

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