Unemployment: PennyTree unveils digital training platform

As part of efforts to help tackle the issues of unemployment and unemployability in Nigeria, a gamified digital lifestyle platform, PennyTree has launched an Exclusive Associate Program for young people.

According to the company, Chairman of the Presidential Economic Advisory Council and recently appointed Chief Economic Adviser to the President (CEAP), Mr Doyin Salami, had projected Nigeria’s unemployment rate to hit 40 per cent by the end of 2021.

However, using this experimental financial inclusion and behavioural learning programme, it will help participants to increase their chances at employment as well as help impact the needed qualities and skills.

The course is aimed at reaching at least 100 young Nigerians that are passionate; offering them reward for smart work, cultivating interpersonal and finance management skills and employment opportunities.

Participants of the programme will be known as Penn Exclusive Associates.

It is set up with layers and tools which reinforces the values of hard and smart work with proper reward, enables them to become financially disciplined (especially with savings), gets monthly bonuses and remuneration which ensure earning between N68,000 and N204,000 in 30 days, build their network and look great on their resume.

According to Mr Ayo Ogunlowo, PennyTree’s co-founder, “PennyTree’s Exclusive Associate Program is designed to encourage and reward smart work among young people, networking, effective communication skills and creativity as long as they have a smartphone and BVN.”

Launched in December 2021, PennyTree has experienced exponential growth and market acceptance, offering products and services such as utility bill payment, a wallet system that enables free transfer in record time, target savings that allow users to save frequently to meet a goal without charges, personal vault for locking away funds for a set period of time and earning reasonable interest and of course, Penn Rules which is expected to help users experience the possibilities of lifestyle and finance being mutually inclusive.

Speaking on the initiative, PennyTree’s Brand, Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager, Ms Elsie Godwin said “PennyTree is not just concerned about helping Nigerian youths’ savings culture and making it seamless but to provide young people with skills through additional education and training, which ensures that they have a better shot at earning a good income in the global village.”

Partnering with Thought Leaders, Life and Career Development Coaches, PennyTree Exclusive Associate programme is designed to help participants upskill while earning an income.

Any Nigerian living in Nigeria between the ages of 18 and 35 is eligible to apply. The program is open to everyone within this age bracket, regardless of their field of specialization. Participants must have a BVN, own a smartphone and be active on at least 4 of the top social media platforms in Nigeria.

The Exclusive PennyTree Associate program has an iterative cycle of 30 Days and is now open for the first cycle and application is available via and the program commences on Monday, January 10 and will close on January 14, 2022.


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