The New Golden Penny 400g Midi Pack Pasta: Same Quality, Same Great Taste

Nigeria’s biggest food and agro-allied business, Flour Mills of Nigeria (FMN), has announced the launch of the new Golden Penny 400g Pasta. Golden Penny Spaghetti is a premium pasta made from quality durum wheat, which doesn’t get soggy or sticky and is enjoyed in a variety of ways. It can be served with veggies, made into Jollof, or simply enjoyed plain with your favourite sauce or stew.

The nutritional benefits of Golden penny pasta include dietary fiber, energy, protein, and vitamin A, all of which are essential for healthy growth and vitality. The new 400g pack maintains the same level of nutrition, quality, and flavour for the satisfaction of the consumer.

The new 400g Golden Penny pasta pack was created with consumers in mind; it gives you the choice of high-quality pasta while allowing you to relish your preferred pasta brand. For this reason, Individuals, students, and young families on a budget can all enjoy pasta their way depending on the occasion. Shop here –

The new 400g Golden Penny pasta pack size makes it ideal for small families to create memorable mealtime moments, while eliminating the concern about preservation or wastage. Even with minimal ingredients, you are sure to have an excellent result, regardless of the recipe you choose to create.

With the launch of the new 400g pack, FMN remains committed to upholding its mantra “at the heart of the family” by offering families smaller packs created to meet a variety of demands, such as supplying millions of Nigerian homes with delicious and nutritious food, while also maintaining and strengthening relationships that exist among families.

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