Richlife Africa to launch one Nigeria challenge, targets 10 million Nigerians

A new project aimed at discouraging crime and criminal activities in the land will be launched October 1, 2021.

Tagged: ‘One Nigeria challenge,’ the project was borne in response to the apprehension in the different parts of the country as a result of the current state of insecurity in Nigeria.

Richlife Africa projects, organisers of the ‘One Nigeria Challenge’ said through the challenge, it is hoping to foster peace and unity in the country by enlisting a minimum of 10 million Nigerians to promote the peace and unity movement in the country.

The Chief Executive Officer of Richlife Africa, Modestus Bernard said the idea is to get a minimum of 10 million Nigerians who believe in the course of one Nigeria project to exhibit it in an orderly and coordinated manner that will lead to a national movement.

“We believe in one Nigeria. When we say one Nigeria, we mean purely one Nigeria where people are safe, cared for- a Nigeria that will work for all Nigerians not the present-day Nigeria. Our expectation is to get Nigerians thinking about one Nigeria. It is better for all to have a working Nigeria, a Nigeria where we all can be proud of than a divided one.

“We have designed a formula we labelled: e-the youths- Encourage the youths, Envisioned the youths, Engage the youthe etc.

The future of the youth does not look bright with the present-day system. But with this project we hope to create an environment we all can be proud of.

“As such we want to create a one Nigeria challenge that will involve Nigerians who will stand with us in the same belief by promoting positive ‘vibes’ about the nation. Statements like; ‘we will be better off with one Nigeria’, ‘Nigeria must work for the sake of you and I,’ ‘I stand on the side of one Nigeria,’ and ‘stop the violence, let peace reign’ among others” he said.

He pointed that, if 10 million Nigerians home and abroad irrespective of religion, tribe, occupation or political affiliation come together for the challenge, a movement that will rebirth this nation positively, would be created.

On how the challenge will work, the Chief executive officer said, a person with his or her own Drop That Gun (DTG) branded T-shirt creates a video with a slogan that supports Nigeria’s unity shares it on social media- Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp among others and tag a minimum of five friends challenging them to do the same. In challenging (tagging) his friends he sends them a link where they can click to purchase their DTG T-shirt and continue with the One Nigeria Challenge.

The onus is on the five to accept the challenge and do the same also challenging other five of their friends. The process will continue until a minimum of 10 million Nigerians have been reached with the message of hope and peace spread across the country.

“To commence, we are nominating the Governor of Lagos state, His Excellency Babajide Sanwo-Olu to kick-start the challenge with his own DTG branded T-shirt and a message of ‘I support one Nigeria’ slogan.

Aside promoting peace and a Nigeria that is safe for all, the challenge is equally designed to create jobs for the youths says Modestus.

“If implemented the way we want it, within a short while there will be radical drop in the rate of crime in the country. It will also create an environment deviate from arms carrying and the proceeds from the DTG branded T-shirt sales will be channeled into productive venture for the good of the youth in particular and the nation in general.

“One of such venture is the food program where 20,000 Nigerians have been projected to be fed free of charge for one year,” he noted.

According to the Richlife Africa boss, DTG is a fashion label which T-shirt have been developed and designed by Richlife Africa to change the perception of Nigerians towards violence and carrying of arms.

“The DTG branded T-shirt is only sold via our online shops and to get the shirt visit our website:”

To create awareness about the one Nigeria Challenge, a peace march to the governor of Lagos office, Alausa will take place Friday, October 1, 2021. The march is expected to be graced by about 100 Nigerians who will walk on a convoy from Ikeja to the Alausa secretariat, Lagos.

“The clergy, politicians, business men, royal fathers, missionaries, corporate organizations, celebrities and all influential people in the society and every Nigerians are all invited to be a part of this movement,” Modestus said.

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