Innovation: WhatsApp could soon let you share original quality pictures and videos

Something new is coming. WhatsApp is working on a feature that will let you share original quality photos and videos. As spotted by WABetaInfo, the app now includes an option to “select original quality photos or videos” in version of the WhatsApp beta for Android.

The app will treat the images and videos as documents, however. A screenshot taken by WABetaInfo shows a new option to “choose from gallery” in the app’s document picker, which specifically mentions the ability to send original quality photos and videos.

Previously, you had to use a workaround to send original quality media by changing their file extensions to PDF or DOC, but this new feature should help you avoid that process completely. The ability to send original quality photos and videos was first spotted in WhatsApp’s code in January.

While WhatsApp started rolling out the ability to send “HD” pictures through a new toggle in the app earlier this month, it still compresses the images before sending them. The same goes for sending up to 720p videos on the app, which became widely available last week. But getting to send original quality photos and videos comes as a welcome change, as it should finally let users on Android and iOS easily share media in their full resolution.


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