I believe in the nearest future, all Nigerians will embrace CNG vehicles – Innoson

Chief Innocent Ifediaso Chukwuma Founder and CEO of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing has expressed optimism that Nigerians will embrace CNG vehicles in the nearest future.

Innoson disclosed this in an interview with Leadership newspaper in Lagos.

He said he diversified into producing CNG vehicles two years ago “when I knew that someday soon, the fuel price would go up. I knew right from the beginning that the government was going to remove the subsidy which would eventually increase the pump prices of fuel.

“So, I started planning by buying the equipment. That was why I was able to produce so many units immediately the fuel subsidy was removed by the government. If you go to places like Benin, 80 per cent of the vehicles they are using are CNG-powered. They have tested CNG and it’s working very fine for them over there. So, I believe that in the nearest future, all Nigerians will embrace CNG vehicles, because they are not just very affordable, but using them also leads to low maintenance costs.

“That was why I started the production in time, in fact, before everybody, and we are doing well. Now, we are converting petrol/diesel vehicles for people that are using our own {Innoson} vehicles. After some time, when our own vehicles have been covered, we can then start converting vehicles people who own or use other brands.”

Source: Leadership


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