How Burna Boy came from UK prison to become a music superstar

Famous music superstar and Grammy award winner, Burna Boy has revealed that he came into the music industry straight from a UK prison, Chelmsford HMP.

The singer who noted that he didn’t think he would live this long, also said he doesn’t care about being the biggest Nigerian artist since he’s happy doing what he loves and can take care of his “people” from it.

Burna also said that if people knew what he used to do in the past for money, they would all be happy for him.

He wrote in now-deleted tweets:

“I came into the music industry straight from Chelmsford HMP. I had no idea I would even live this long.

“So when people talk about me now, it’s all just funny. Of course, I would perform with my injured leg, or even no legs or arms.

“Nigeria really doesn’t know me. I don’t care to be the biggest Nigerian artist. I’m just happy I can do what I love and take care of my people from it.

“If you knew just half of the shit I used to do for money, risking my freedom daily, you would be way happier for me.”

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