How ‘2Africa’ will enhance digital growth across African continent

As part of efforts to enhance digital connectivity access the African continent, a pan-African connectivity solutions provider, Bayobab has partnered with MTN Nigeria to bring a new 45,000km subsea cable to the shores of Nigeria.

Known as ‘2Africa,’ the new cable is set to land in the Mopo-Onibeju Lekki area of Lagos, and is set to be the longest under-water cable in the world, connecting Africa, Europe, and Asia. The 45,000km long cable will traverse three continents and 33 countries, many of which are in Africa. The cable is a key enabler of digital growth across the African continent, and will further enhance socio-economic development.

In a press statement, Josephine Sarouk, the managing director of Bayobab Nigeria, said that the new cable will directly support economic development in Africa, enabling the growth of 4G and 5G networks and increased broadband penetration to millions of people and businesses.

As noted by Josephine Sarouk, Bayobab’s investment in a range of submarine cables, including 2Africa, is part of the company’s broader commitment to closing the digital divide and bridging the connectivity gap in Africa and beyond. She highlighted that the 2Africa cable will not only support the development of Nigeria’s digital economy, but also create a vibrant ecosystem for digital services and connectivity for millions of Nigerians. This, she explained, is in line with the Nigerian government’s vision for a thriving digital economy, which is seen as a key driver of economic growth and job creation.

“Our investment in 2Africa is part of our commitment to our customers, bringing resilience to networks and capacity due to the growing demands for digital services such as Fintech, IOT, AI, e-learning, which continue to revolutionise the way customers engage with services, fueling the demand for more data. This landing is further proof of our long-held confidence in the future of the continent,” Sarouk stated.

The cable landing station will be accessible to all service providers on a fair and equitable basis, fostering healthy ecosystem development and improved quality and accessibility of internet connectivity. This will allow for the delivery of enhanced services across all sectors, including finance, health, education, and e-commerce.

The achievement is a significant milestone for Bayobab and MTN Nigeria, and is expected to have a significant impact on the economic growth, innovation, and development of Nigeria. Bayobab and MTN Nigeria are part of a consortium that includes Center3, China Mobile International, Meta, Orange, Telecom Egypt, Vodafone Group, and WIOCC, working together to achieve this goal.


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