COVID-19 is not gone, it has only slowed down in Nigeria – FG

Minister of Health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire has warned citizens of a potential resurgence of COVID-19 in Nigeria.

Ehanire, who gave this warning during a bi-weekly COVID-19 media briefing in Abuja said that Nigeria could not afford to let down its guards on COVID-19.

He further reiterated his warning that the pandemic was not yet over by saying, “Nigeria at the moment is in a lull with reduction in infection rates and in fatalities. We cannot let down our oars on COVID-19. The experience from other places tells us that there can be a play up of COVID-19 at any time triggered by factors yet to be fully understood. The massive huge city of Shanghai in China is on a lock down because of another emergence of COVID-19, before it was in Europe, UK and Germany. The re-emergence of COVID-19 from country to country still surprises us. COVID-19 is not gone, it has only slowed down in Nigeria. We are still working closely, and as there has been a resurgence that has surprised people in other countries, it is not ruled out here.”

The minister urges Nigerians to refrain themselves from nonessential crowding, saying that, “If it has to happen, we must apply non-pharmaceutical measures like wearing our facemasks, washing our hands and sanitising and being careful.”


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