Bolt, Uber have failed to provide safe platform for drivers – NUPABTW

Ride hailing companies, Bolt and Uber have been accused of failing to provide a safe platform for drivers to operate in the country.

Ibrahim Ayoade, President, National Union of Professional App-based Transport Workers (NUPABTW) who made the call on Monday in Lagos called on both the Federal and State governments where ride hailing companies were operating to call them to order and regulate their activities.

“Ride hailing companies have failed to provide a safe platform for drivers to operate, they did not respect the law of the land and wellness of the drivers on their platform.

“We call on the government to involve us in formulating good regulations for these ride hailing companies operating in Nigeria so as to carry all stakeholders along.

“Ride hailing companies should be compelled to do proper profiling of riders; what they are after is their commission.

“Bolts charges 20% while Uber charges 25% of the trip cost, they place more priorities on their money than the security of the drivers,” he said.

Ayoade said that many riders were criminals with the intention to kill the driver and steal their cars.

He explained that if a rider knew that his data was properly profiled and would be tracked down if he commits any crime, there would not be any case of driver’s killings.

“Many riders are fake riders, killers and armed robbers; we still lost another driver to these people on Sunday morning.

“These deadly acts continue because ride hailing companies have little or no regard for the safety of their drivers by not profiling riders,” he said.

Ayoade said that the attitude of ride hailing companies in Nigeria were due to the failure of the government to provide decent jobs for youths in the country.


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