Bolt Operations to replace Bolt Technology as operator of Bolt Rides platform from January 1

As part of efforts to streamline and simplify contracting between drivers and management, ride-hailing company, Bolt on Wednesday announced that Bolt Operations will replace Bolt Technology as operator of the platform from January 1, 2022.

Bolt disclosed this in a statement sent to drivers on Wednesday.

Bolt said: “All agreements with Bolt Technology covering Your use of Bolt Rides platform, including agreement(s) based on our terms and conditions available on website, apply effective from 01.01.2022 between You and Bolt Operations.

“The foregoing does not apply to locally licensed operations, where a locally licensed company continues as a contracting company with respect to activities that are linked to Bolt Rides platform and fall under the scope of the local license.

“The above change will also impact privacy policies covering the processing of Your personal data in connection with all our platforms: effective from 01.01.2022 Bolt Operations will assume the role of the data controller from Bolt Technology in all instances where Bolt Technology acts as the controller

“Replacement of Bolt Technology is effected through the transfer of enterprise in accordance with the Estonian law, which means that transfer of contractual rights and obligations related to operation of Bolt Rides platform from Bolt Technology to Bolt Operations does not require any action from You.

“Updated terms and conditions and privacy policies reflecting the changes above will be available on our website on or before 01.01.2022.”


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